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Before Addition

Cantilever Truss

Beaverton Bungalow Addition & Remodel

A large master bedroom and bath addition and remodel were added to a 1940's Beaverton bungalow. Exterior and interior facade, structure & trim were matched to the period and to the existing elements. As in many additions and remodels, the roof presented the particular problem of not making the addition a tack on. The solution was a raised roof over the entire remodel structure. In order to not to have to remove all the existing roof (which would not carry the new roof load) a cantilever truss was designed, allowing no load to be put on the existing roof structure.

P.L. Owens

P.L. Owens

P.L. Owens

- Master bedroom and master bath, ~500 sq. ft.
- Integration with existing home - removing windows
  & doors, adding hallway to new addition.
- Integrating new roof over addition & existing without
  adding any new load to existing walls.
- Large (5'x7") tiled shower with 2 separate shower heads
- Architectural details throughout new addition & remodel.
- Matched Hardwood floors to existing remodel.
  with textured carpet & marble.
- Wood trimmed windows and doors in addition & remodel.
- Vaulted ceiling with 4 skylights.
- Window wall overlooking owners extensive gardens.
- Stucco exterior applied and textured to blend with existing.