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The Value Of A Remodel

Popular Remodel Costs And Potential Payback:

All remodel jobs have a payback in the functionality they provide the owner. The owner must also consider facts like what the cost would be to replace what you have if you purchased another property.

Here are some samples of costs and returns that we have experienced:

  • Bedroom / Bath Addition -
    cost $130,000, resale value $90,000
  • Kitchen Expansion, Addition
    cost $80,000, resale value 50% to 80%
  • Basement Remodel (bedroom / bath) -
    cost $30,000, resale value 75% to 85%
  • Two Story Addition (family room / bedroom / bath) -
    cost 150,000, resale value 75% to 85%
  • Attic Addition (bed / bath) -
    cost 45,000, resale value 75% to 85%

Recovery of remodel cost (resale percentage) is strongly influenced by neighborhood values and the size, value and condition of your property as compared to other properties in the neighborhood.
There are surveys done of remodel return values and the better ones document the variables of construction. But those values are only part of the picture and those considerations outlined in the previous paragraph can have a large overriding influence, to the extent that a remodel that would have normally only given an 85% return, could give over a 100% return.


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