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Car Storage - Garage Addition

Considerations For Adding A Car Lift:

  • Need more garage parking - but don't have the room to add on more garage? The solution may be installing a modular car lift.
  • The size and capacity of a lift depends on the vehicle - being garaged. One project we designed and built was for a car collector. He found the increasing expense of renting storage was a positive factor in the decision to go to the expense of a lift. The remodel to accommodate the lift and vehicles was already being taken care of in a structural rebuild we were already designing. All that needed to be added was some more height to the garage rebuild.
  • The cost factor - is certainly something to be factored in with a project like this. Sometimes, if you are doing a new building project, this would be something to design for, even if you would not put the lift in right away.
  • Ceiling height for the lift - can be acheived in various ways. As you can see in the cross section above, it may be as little as a change in a portion of the roof pitch to accommodate the extra height needed for the lift and car. Or it may be an increase in the outside wall height and keep the current pitch. Or placing the lift in the center of a garage with a gabled ceiling to accommodate the height. Obviously this will involve some design considerations and hiring a architectural designer and possibly an engineer depending on the complexity of the project.


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